Tomorrow: Celebrate Two Years of The Owl Farm With Lots of Rare Beers


The tagline atop the Owl Farm website reads, “From the idiots behind BGH and MD.” The “BGH and MD” in question are Bar Great Harry and Mission Dolores, and the “idiots” in question are brothers Mike and Ben Wiley, who of course are not idiots at all, but perhaps the two people who’ve contributed most to Brooklyn’s craft-beer bar scene in recent years. They haven’t even updated the joke to include their most recent spot, Glorietta Baldy. Tomorrow, they’ll be celebrating the second anniversary of their Park Slope bar The Owl Farm with an all-day party featuring an impressive lineup of beers, many of which you wouldn’t come by on an ordinary day in Brooklyn.

Festivities will get started at 8am (8am!) with a series of breakfast beers, including the ultimate breakfast beer: the barrel-aged and extremely limited KBS from Founders Brewing. There will be deals on fancy-beer-and-shot combos like Racer 5 IPA and Charbay R5 Hop Whiskey, plus tons of other great stuff on tap: Jolly Pumpkin’s Calabaza Boreal, Evil Twin and Crooked Stave’s Ryan and the Gosling, Green Flash’s Road Warrior, and much more. Their whole bottle list will also be available by the glass. If you’re into sours, this is particularly noteworthy.

They’ll also be unveiling a brand new collaboration with the good folks at Barrier Brewing. They’ve not yet announced what type of beer it is, but a bartender on duty when I called to inquire said she believes it’s something called an India Pale Mild, which I assume is like an English Pale Mild. The rest of the details are here, and it seems safe to assume there will be many surprises throughout the day and well into the night . There are so, so many shittier ways you could spend your Saturday.


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