9 Great Coworking Spaces In Brooklyn

9 Great Coworking Spaces In Brooklyn
You want to go to there. (photo c/o The Yard)


If you’re a freelancer or otherwise unclaimed professional, having an office and work buddies might be the biggest (and only) thing you miss about the corporate grind. Luckily, a handful of seriously awesome coworking spaces have popped up in these parts in the past few years to help you rid yourself of any lingering regrets—because let’s face it, a loft in DUMBO is so much better than any midtown high rise. Whether you’re a writer, designer or entrepreneur with a growing number of employees, here are nine great alternatives to a coffee shop.

1. The Yard, 33 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint
The flagship location of The Yard, which has two other coworking spaces in Manhattan, combines open areas with private offices to create a “hybrid” alternative to standard coworking. Each location features spacious lounge areas, conference rooms, fully furnished private office suites for up to seven people. The workspace, which overlooks McCarren Park, is flooded with natural light and a “serene ambience.”
Amenities: Lots of Wi-Fi, conference room space, full kitchen, office services, voicemail, bike storage, and access to member events including screenings and lectures. More amenities apply to larger rental packages.
Cost: $225/month for a open-floor desk; private suites range from $475—$2800, depending on size
Hours: 24/7 for office renters, Monday—Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for everyone else

2. DUMBO Startup Lab, 68 Jay St, DUMBO
You might’ve heard that DUMBO is the epicenter of Brooklyn start-up creativity, and 68 Jay may be the epicenter of “Silicon Alley.” DUMBO Startup Lab occupies a beautiful corner loft in the building. The open floorplan office is relaxed and peaceful, which fosters a non-pretentious, laid-back work environment.
Amenities: Wi-Fi, storage space, kitchen with fridge and microwave and free water, unlimited coffee, tea, water. Memberships also include printing, copying, and scanning. There’s also access to meeting spaces, availability to host your own event, and a private phone booth where you can take calls.
Cost: $249/month for shared workspaces, $429 for individual desks
Hours: 24/7

3. BrooklynWorks at 159, 159 20th St, South Slope
Serving freelancers and start-ups in Gowanus, Park Slope, and South Brooklyn, this modern-looking coworking space just opened. The vibe is clean and modern: heirloom-quality wood furniture, leather-backed chairs, and plush loungers are arranged throughout the space. Lockable offices and a glass-walled conference room will make you feel like you’re in hipsterMad Men.
Amenities: Wi-Fi, conference room hours, printing/scanning/faxing, reception, mail forwarding, and unlimited coffee, tea, and purified water.
Cost: $475/month, more for larger offices. Daily and virtual memberships are also available.
Hours: 24/7

4. Brooklyn Desks, 49 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick
This is the first coworking space we’ve seen with a “relaxation room,” equipped with a pool table, large screen TVs, vending machines, and a couple of foosball tables. There’s also a drinking bar and outdoor terrace, which makes Brooklyn Desks sound like a great place to hang out. But when it’s time to get some work done, the newly-renovated industrial loft space is a state-of-the-art place to grow your company.
Amenities: Wi-Fi, conference room, relaxation room, outdoor terrace, CCTV/alarm system, parking lot, office services, kitchen, coffee, and craft beer.
Cost: Open desks are $199/month, private desks are $399, and private rooms $650.
Hours: 24/7

5. Green Desk, six locations in Greenpoint, DUMBO, Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn
For an office that’s probably cooler than the ones your friends go to every day, check out the multi-location Green Desk, a collection of office spaces for anyone who could use a little bit of background noise while working. And as its name suggests, Green Desk prides itself on its environmentally friendly efforts. It’s also a great options for startup companies, as private offices are available from one-person to 30-person spaces.
Amenities: Each office boasts high-speed Internet, local coffee, a cafeteria, bike storage and a conference room, plus an outdoor patio.
Cost: Single desk $299/month and up; private office with one desk $425/month and up; private office with 6 desks $1,800/month and up; private office with 10-30 desks $3,000 to $9,000/month.
Hours: 24/7

6. Brooklyn Art Space, 168 7th St, Gowanus
With both studio and gallery spaces, Brooklyn Art Space manages to not just be a temporary office, but a hub for workshops, art talks, exhibitions and, naturally, artists whom you should probably get to know.
Amenities: The 4,000-sq-ft space gets tons of natural light and has high ceilings, as well as tables, easels, taborets, heat and AC, a library, a kitchenette, free wifi and drying racks, plus an option for semi-private studios as opposed to the open plan.
Cost: $150/month; semi-private studio $300-$750/month.
Hours: 24/7

7. Room 58, 168 7th St, Gowanus
As a joint venture between the Brooklyn Art Space (where it’s located) and the Brooklyn Writers Space, which also has two other locations in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, Room 58 is actually made up of two rooms: one with desks printers and fax machines for interviews or meetings with agents, editors and publishers, and another (quieter) room with eight private cubicles and a view of the Manhattan skyline.
Amenities: Same as the Brooklyn Art Space.
Cost: Full-time $165/month; part-time level 2 $121/month; part-time level 1 $99/month; plus one-time registration fee $65.
Hours: 24/7; part-time level 2 3:30pm to 10:30am weekdays, anytime weekends; part-time level 1 6pm to 8am weekdays and weekends.

8. Bat Haus, 279 Starr St, Bushwick
Located on the ground floor of a former warehouse, Bat Haus lets members “share resources, share space, and share respect.” This approach seeks to foster not only community, but better work habits. The 2,000-sq-ft space and the backyard can also be rented out on nights and weekends for a diverse array of events, from weddings to film shoots to pop-up shops.
Amenities: Shared kitchen, conference room, and coffee, plus Wi-Fi and office services like printing, scanning, and mail reception. Monthly subscribers discounts on classes
Cost: $20/day, $125/month for three days a week, $175/month for full time
Hours: Monday—Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

9. Dean Machine, 1037 Dean St, Crown Heights
We only just heard about this new project a week ago, but it’s been in the works for nearly four years. The owner is currently looking for seven tenants who, rather than pop in and out for a few hours a day, can commit to working there for at least six months. The idea is simple: more stability, better community.
Amenities: Inside the 800-sq-ft space, there’s a communal conference room, wifi, free coffee and a kitchenette. If it’s nice out, folks can retire to the 1,000-sq-ft garden and patio.
Cost: $425/month.
Hours: 24/7

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  1. This article could have been titled 10 Great Coworking spaces in Brooklyn! We’re Makeshift Society, located at 55 Hope Street in Williamsburg. Our members run the gamut from jewelry to architecture, photography to illustration, graphic design to web development. We’re a great place for creatives of all kinds, with an environment that’s open but still has room for you to find a spot to focus. In the evenings we hold classes on business and creative topics.


    Amenities: 17′ foot ceilings, tons of natural daylight, ground floor space, shared kitchen, conference room, Wi-Fi and office services like printing and scanning. Members get discounts on classes and day passes for collaborators.

    Cost: $30/day, $250/month for three days a week, $400/month for full time, $500/month for full time with dedicated desk

    Hours: Monday—Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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