10 New York Networking Events Where You Can, You Know, Network

Networking Events To Go All Network-y At

We know, we know. Networking isn’t your thing. Networking is gross. But you know what else networking is? A really, really good way to land a job that doesn’t involve sending your resume out to hundreds of HR managers who likely won’t even open it anyway. So put on something stain-free, pregame with a beer (but only one!) to loosen up first, bring a few business cards, leave your apartment (isn’t that the most difficult part, anyway?) and go to one of these upcoming networking events. While the ones listed below mostly take place within the next two weeks, the majority relate to groups that host monthly networking meetups or other career-boosting events, so you can reference this list for all your, you know, future networking needs. Warning: There will be small talk. But you can handle it.

Freelancers’ Union Yoga
It’s not exactly a “networking” event per se, but the reason these meetups exist is because what happens when a bunch of freelancers get together? Okay, yes, day drinking. But after the day drinking, there’s the exchanging of contacts and more importantly, you’ll get to know how other office-less people spend their days.

Next event June 19.

New York Tech Meetup
About once a month, the NY Tech Meetup group stages an event at NYU’s Skirball Theater, where local tech companies present their recent innovations. Tickets are $10, but as there are nearly 40,000 members, it’s not a bad idea to try and be a part of it.

Next event July 1.

DUMBO Tech Breakfast
Every couple of weeks, about 20 programmers share breakfast at DUMBO Kitchen and talk about, well, whatever programmers talk about when they get together. They’ll be enough people in attendance where if you get stuck in an extraordinarily boring conversation, you can simply find someone else. Unless “extraordinarily boring” according to most people translates to “totally riveting” to you tech people.

Next event June 27.

NYC TechBreakfast
After filling up on bagels and coffee, attendees will watch presentations by reps from five local startups like SkillBridge, LaundryPuppy and LionLock in a show-and-tell format for designers, developers and entrepreneurs.

Next event July 15.

Startup Rock Climbing
Instead of grilling people about what they do and how they got there, focus your attention on scaling that massive wall in front of you. The event, which takes place at Brooklyn Boulders, isn’t billed as a networking event, but as it’s just for startup employees, you can bet that there’ll be people there whom you’ll want to get to know.

Next event June 25.

SXSWedu Community Meetup
One of the most well-known festivals in the country wants your help to brainstorm panels and panelists for its 5th annual education event. Hang with other education professionals at the LES’s Grey Lady, where you’ll also have a chance to rub shoulders with the folks from SXSW.

Next event July 8.

Bandsintown NYC Artist Meetup
Whether you work in the music business or are an artist yourself, this app release party brings together managers and marketers for drinks and coffee at Squarespace HQ, where you’ll learn how to promote a tour and reach fans.

Next event June 27.

New York Entrepreneurs & Startup Network Party
Rock your most business-y of business casual attire for this cocktail party with a view—it’s located on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building. In between mingling (name tags will be provided), there’ll be demos by New York tech and app companies.

Next event June 26.

New York Entrepreneurs Business Network Startup Demo Night Series
Each month, the NYEBN hosts their own version of Shark Tank in which local startups in a given industry present their products (the upcoming event focuses on finance in tech). The cost is steep ($35), but you’ll score pizza, Red Bull and cocktails—and hopefully, a job.

Next event June 26.

Social Media Day
Mashable hosts this party at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, billing it as a celebration for people who either work in or simply happen to love social media. There’ll be shuffleboard, naturally, and an open bar—plus, it’s free, which makes it feel the least network-y of all the networking events.

Next event June 29.

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