Watch Your Mayor Humiliate Himself on Jimmy Kimmel

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Everything about this is unfortunate.

Your mayor, Bill de Blasio, is nothing if not a man of his word. On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he owned up to his share of the bet he made with L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti—if the Rangers lost the Stanley Cup Final, De Blasio would have to sing “I Love LA” on national television. (Of course, if the Kings lost, everyone knows what song Garcetti would have to sing, because it is far more beloved and superior.) Anyway, it did not go well.

In front of a crowd made up of sort-of douchey comedian Jimmy Kimmel, two probably-douchey Kings players, and definitely douchey LA mayor Eric Garcetti, De Blasio attempted to move his absurdly long limbs into something resembling dance movements. Not even the adorable kid singers from the 52nd Street Project could drown out the sound of Bill’s bitter, grumpy monotone.

“You look like a counselor at the worst camp ever,” Kimmel said of the performance. Not to be out-douched, however, when De Blasio delivered every audience member hot dogs from Gray’s Papaya, Mayor Garcetti refused his and instead opined, “A Gray’s Papaya dog tastes like a steaming bag of New York garbage.”

Here is said very bad video:

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  1. DeBlasio doesn’t even compare to the ridiculous fool that Chris Christie made of himself when he “danced” on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.


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