23 Brooklyn-Specific Emojis We Still Need

Emojis For Brooklynites That Still Need To Be Created
Um, I’m not seeing a “Bill De Blasio Eating Pizza With A Fork” option here.

Yesterday, it was announced that along with mega-mugginess and “blazing heat”, July will unleash 250 new emojis upon us, including “Lower Right Shadowed White Circle” and “Fog.” Most of these additions are unfortunately very boring and weather-related (with the exception of the much-needed middle finger), and none of them accurately portray the many, many emotions that Brooklynites feel on a daily basis. Here are the ones we’re hoping to see next time around:

Person Running After G Train

Receipt For $17 Cocktail With “Thx.” Written On It

Frustrated Artist/Writer/Designer Punching Laptop

Bill de Blasio Eating Pizza With A Fork (e.g. “im at this party & i don’t know anyone and i’m all like (insert 10 BDBs)”)

Woman Rolling Eyes At A New York Times Styles Section Piece

A Backyard Bar With Strings Of Lightbulbs

People Waiting In Line (For something, anything.)

Rent Bill With Tear Droplets On It


Jane’s Carousel (For those moments where you feel like your life is spinning around and around and not getting anywhere and you’re starting to feel nauseous but it’s also a little bit fun.)

Person Taking Kale Chips Out Of Oven

Warehouse Wedding

Man Chuckling Politely At Open Mic

Dreadlocked Man Reading Ayn Rand On L Train

Very Mean One-Eyed Bodega Cat

Barclays Center (For when you feel extremely conspicuous and out of place)

Two Competing Outdoor Food Markets Across The Street From One Another

Girls Bus Tour (e.g. “hey where u at tryna leave soon i’m with some basics (insert 5 Girls Bus Tours)”)

Stoop Sale

Kentile Floors Sign (For when something is sadly doomed.)

Clever Bar Sign Featuring Happy Hour From 4:45pm to 5pm

Speech Bubble With “I Live In (Name of Subway Stop)-Town”

Spike Lee Ranting (For unspeakable rage and/or pent-up angst about the state of things.)

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