Kings County Bar Moving To A New Location

Image: Bushwick Daily

The times they are a-changin’ in Bushwick. Just yesterday, we reported that another set of high rise apartments may come to the area, and now we’ve learned that after 10 years, Kings County Bar is leaving its 286 Seigel Street location and heading for Knickerbocker Avenue following a major rent hike.

The good news here is that the beloved bar isn’t totally closing, a fate which has recently befallen places like Mini Mini Market and Verb Café, but rather moving a few blocks west to 1 Knickerbocker Avenue, DNAinfo reports.

Owner Jesse Levitt declined to disclose the exact amount of the rent increase, but he did say that if the bar stayed where it was, he’d be paying nearly triple the amount he paid when he took ownership of the bar in 2007. At 1 Knickerbocker, Levitt won’t face rent hikes because he owns the building.

And for those of you who love Kings County because of its dive bar qualities, this new version will be decidedly more upscale, featuring a small kitchen and functioning plumbing and electricity. But the new bar won’t be so fancy that the bar’s annual Smallest Penis in Brooklyn pageant can’t go on. So, there’s that.

Levitt & Co. will close the Seigel Street location on July 13, and the new Kings County is expected to open soon after.

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