Wild Speculation: Who Adopted the Kicked Brooklyn Cat?

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Photo via New York Daily News

It’s a happy ending for King, the one-year-old cat who was kicked by a Brooklyn man last month. This weekend, the cat was adopted by a man in Manhattan. According to the Daily News, someone had contacted the ASPCA to inquire about King after hearing that he’d be up for adoption, and was waiting at the ASPCA’s Upper East Side location right when its doors opened at 11am on Sunday.Who is this mysterious hero? Brooklyn Mag speculates wildly about the likelihood of various possible adopters:

Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg
The Case: Much like you got a cat after your last breakup, former mayors (who suspiciously also live on the UES) need cuddly comfort in the face of loss. However, in Bloomberg’s case it was the City of New York; yours was a manipulative, needy, withholding psycho who probably didn’t own a bedframe.

California Chrome Owner Steve Coburn
The Case: Once the cameras aren’t there to catch his endless angry spouting about “the system,” the not-quite Triple Crown winner will need someone to listen to him.

The New York Rangers
The Case:
 Maybe having an adorable locker room pet will bring some actual decent luck in OT this time? (More importantly, we would really, really like to watch Carl Hagelin cuddle a cat.)

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