Meet Your New Drinking Buddies: Jameson and KelSo

Drinking Buddies

What happens when a crisp beer and a smooth whiskey lock eyes at a cozy bar? There’s great conversation and that special feeling you get at the beginning of something great. When Kelly Taylor, founder of Brooklyn-based KelSo brewery teamed up with the good folks at Jameson Irish Whiskey, a beautiful thing was born.

A limited edition KelSo IPA, aged in Jameson barrels is making its debut at this year’s Northside Festival. We couldn’t think of a more perfect pairing – beer and whiskey go hand in hand and are frankly the best kind of drinking buddies one could ask for.

You’ll have to wait until this year’s Northside Festival, June 12-15th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to taste this brilliant idea for yourself. In the meantime, check out this behind-the-scenes peek at the crafting of a must-try brew after the jump:



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