The Kentile Floors Sign Is Maybe, Probably Getting Torn Down

The Kentile Floors Sign Is Maybe, Possibly Getting Torn Down

Welp, this is the worst thing you’ll hear today: there have been whispers over the Interweb that suggest the impossible: The Kentile Floors sign is maybe, probably, horrifically in the process of getting torn down. Is that why the sign got lit up for one final hurrah? Is this also why Gowanus isn’t being named a historic district? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Perhaps you’ve noticed the scaffolding that’s gone up in the past few days, or, if you’re a total government form junkie (in which case, oh my god/what is your life/let’s chat), you may have stumbled upon this NYC Department of Buildings application, found by New York Neon Blog, for a permit that was issued on April 17 to “remove existing structure and sign by hand off roof as shown on drawings filed herewith.”

To confirm the worst, Gothamist called Bryan Kanarek of BKR Partners, the company that represents Regal Home Collection, who owns the building. Kanarek was reportedly “evasive and would not confirm nor deny the sign’s removal.”

Translation: NOOOOOOO))ooooooOOOOOOOOooFFFDFdsdfhttttetw3568953@!@*#(Y@#%FSHDFJK#R(#BFWHJF

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