Go Get Bill De Blasio’s Stuff

Go Get Bill De Blasio's Stuff
Mayors: They’re just like us. (Photo via DNAinfo.)

Your friendly neighbors, the de Blasios, are moving, so they did what any First Family of New York City would do: They left all their shit in front of their old home in Park Slope with a “FREE” sign haphazardly duct-taped to a barbed wire fence. Included in the pile were a Christmas tree stand, a bookshelf, candles and plastic bins. Do you want this stuff? Go get it.

Although there appears to be a rather large grey area between what’s cool to leave on the sidewalk (an NYPD officer was not down with me attempting to dump my bed frame on an L.E.S. street corner last week), it seems being a de Blasio has its perks: DNAinfo reports that one of the police officers stationed outside of the de Blasio residence simply said, “I guess this is what they do in this neighborhood.”

As of yesterday evening, however, the Christmas tree stand and bookshelf had both been taken, while votive candles and plastic bins, one marked “fabric,” remained. So if you’re in need of “fabric,” run, don’t walk, to the First Stoop Sale.

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