Las Vegas’ Sugar Factory Opening New Location In Brooklyn

Las Vegas' Sugar Factory Opening In Brooklyn
Image: Thrillist

After two years as a sparkle in the eyes of the Barclays Centers owners, Sugar Factory is really happening. This September, the hotspot for all things saccharine will finally open its  doors to the public.

In case you’ve been doing more productive things with your time than reading celebrity gossip, Sugar Factory American Brasserie is a wildly popular bar, café and candy shop born and bred in Las Vegas that’s very popular among the well-to-do set. And now, they’re bringing one to our fair borough.

According to the Commercial Observer,  the folks behind Sugar Factory recently signed a 15-year lease for a 4000 square foot space on the ground floor of Barclays Center. This will be the company’s second NYC location (there’s already one in the Meatpacking District) and their seventh location overall. 

Like all Sugar Factories, the new one will serve up the same teethrotting cocktails the Las Vegas location is famous for like the $36 Lollipop Passion goblet, which contains “a wonderful mix of melon, coconut and pineapple” topped with multiple lollipops and the Energy Bear goblet, which features another “wonderful mix” of gummi bears and Red Bull. As a side note, patrons are also invited to choose from a hearty menu of burgers, chicken fingers, pancakes, waffles and various pastas. Give the whole menu a gander here.

Interested parties will find Sugar Factory Brooklyn at 620 Atlantic Avenue near Fort Greene Place come this fall.

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