Here’s All The Vision Zero Laws The City Council Just Passed

Here Are All The Vision Zero Measures Passed By The City Council
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Well, it’s finally happening: After months of NYPD crackdowns and lowering speed limits, a handful of actual laws have been passed in the movement to make Vision Zero a part of city policy.

Via the Times: Yesterday, the City Council passed part of a group of bills meant to push Vision Zero forward and significantly curb or eliminate traffic deaths by 2024.

Here’s a rundown of everything that was passed:

– Cooper’s Law: Cabbies who strike pedestrians in New York City can be prohibited from driving a taxi.

– Hitting a pedestrian or a cyclist who has the right of way is grounds for a misdemeanor charge.

– Certain “exhibition behavior” from motorcyclists, including “an explicit invitation to race,” will not fly. A first offense would be punishable by up to 60 days in jail.

– The Transportation Department [must] repair missing or damaged traffic signals within 24 hours of receiving notice and review safety guidelines for bridge workers.

– A series of resolutions calling on state lawmakers to approve changes that the city cannot make on its own. These [include] turning over control of automated enforcement cameras to the city, stiffening penalties for driving on the sidewalk and [lowering] the city’s default speed limit to 25 miles per hour, from 30 m.p.h.

Of course, we still have a long way to go, but this is such a significant step in the right direction and will be particularly felt in Brooklyn where traffic deaths are at an all-time high. And until Vision Zero is fully established, remember, you can submit information about unsafe intersections directly to the Mayor’s Office on this interactive website.

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  1. Interesting how hitting a bicyclist or a pedestrian is a crime but hitting motorcycle riders, who die due to right of way violations on NYC’s roadways in far greater numbers than bicyclists, is OK.

    And I remain perplexed as to why bicyclists can’t pedal through a red light regardless of due care without receiving an expensive summons (and points on their driving record if they are licensed!), while pedestrians can stroll right into the path of oncoming vehicles and receive what, a flier? A stern talking-to? Seriously??

    Meanwhile I see the plan to reduce speed limits as being a tacit admission that contrary to Vision Zero’s claim that “all accidents are preventable”, they are not. Vision Zero as it stands today kowtows to jaywalkers, accepts that it will be nearly impossible to do anything about truly dangerous driving (hint: it ain’t just speeding), and aims to reduce not accident rates but fatality rates. Apparently it’s OK to get struck (or “mowed down” as the papers love to write) by a motor vehicle and crippled and become a burden to your family and the health care system as long as you’re not actually killed. Such progress!


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