The 10 Best New Breakfast Sandwiches in Brooklyn

One of the best all time Brooklyn breakfast sandwiches from Mile End.

Yesterday, we found out about the impending egg white shortage and, reader, we’ll be honest—we didn’t care at all. Like, not even one tiny little bit. The thing is, we were never swayed by the whole anti-yolk contingent to begin with, because we’ve always known that the secret to a good egg sandwich is runny yolk. (This also might be, like, the secret to the universe, but we digress.)

However, it did get us thinking a lot about breakfast sandwiches and about how much we love them, which is why it’s crazy that it’s been more than two years since we last did a round-up of the best breakfast sandwiches in Brooklyn. Crazy! But so even though all of our old favorites are still really, really, really good, we’ve decided to concentrate on the best of Brooklyn’s new breakfast offerings (some of them newer than others, but all new enough to us!). And as you’ll soon see, several of these sandwiches feature eggs and several don’t, but none of them are egg white-only. We can all do better than that. We really can.