Parody Restaurant Will Become Real For One Night Only

Parody Restaurant Will Become Real For One Night Only
Do or Dine staff

In what might just be the most 2014 thing that has ever happened, last week, a restaurant blog wrote a satirical review of a nonexistent L.E.S. restaurant using deliberately scene-y, nonsensical language (“a somber celebration of ‘farm-to-finger’ ingredients and classic Neo-Nordic techniques”), and it functioned exactly how it was supposed to: By creating superficial hype on social media (although most people got the joke). Here’s the twist: Food Network Star Season Eight champ (and you thought we were only going to reference that show once this week) and owner of Bed-Stuy’s Do or Dine Justin Warner got involved, and now, “Underfinger” is going to become a reality. In June. For one night only. Hope you like seahorse.

The Underfinger website released their announcement on May 22, just two days after the original review on Immaculate Infatuation was written, which is as follows:

There have been rumors that Underfinger is not a real and serious restaurant.

We would like to show you how real and serious we are.

And so we will move to a new location and partner with our friends for one night so that you can enjoy a true farm-to-finger experience.

So now, for the low, low price of $150, you can have your fill of Seahorse Sashimi, Sweet Bread Sweetbread, Sea Bream Fish Sticks with Carrot Foam and Charcuterie Glove, which is, as its name implies, an actual glove made of meat. While tickets have sold out, we suspect Underfinger may release a few more on Twitter in the weeks to come before the big shebang takes place on June 9 at Do or Dine in Bed-Stuy.

Also, Underfinger is looking for a pastry chef:

If you know of anyone, be sure to yodel their name from a mountaintop while foraging for blackberries or something, and surely someone from Underfinger will receive the message.

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