Help Park Slope’s Cog & Pearl Recover From A Store Fire

The damaged interior of Cog & Pearl. Photo: Cog & Pearl

If you truly believe that spreading love is the Brooklyn way, then maybe you’ll be interested in helping Cog & Pearl with their recovery. Earlier this month, an electric fire destroyed the shop and now they need the community’s help to get back on their feet.

According to Racked NY, last week, owners Seth and Kristin Overson launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly to raise $35,000. The pair hope to revitalize their website by turning it into an e-commerce site through which they can sell works from local, independent artists (as they’ve been doing since 2002) and maybe get a jumpstart on re-opening their 190 Fifth Avenue store.

The Oversons lost Cog & Pearl on May 1 when a “freak electrical fire” burned down the shop, destroying 90 percent of their merchandise. Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t afford fire insurance (the building came without sprinklers) and will have to pay for the damage out-of-pocket, a cost they predict will come to more than $100,000.

So far, the couple has raised a little more than a third of what they need and were sitting at $12,670 at press time. If you’re interested in helping them out–publicly or anonymously–head to their Fundly page and donate.

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