Shake Shack Coming To DUMBO

The facade of the new Shake Shack in DUMBO. Image: Brownstoner

Until recently, we here at the BK Mag offices worked in DUMBO, that exceedingly charming and waterfront-adjacent corner of Brooklyn. However, the problem with all that charm was that the pricey neighborhood had very few mainstream eats, which is good if you’re a food purist, but bad if you’d really like to eat something from a food chain every once in a while.

Now, we’re in Downtown Brooklyn and we’re much closer to that kind of gutbusting stuff, but it seems that just as we decided to pack up and leave DUMBO behind, a Shake Shack decided to move in.

According to Brownstoner, the famed burger chain with the cult following will open its second Brooklyn-based location at 1 Old Fulton Street in the coming weeks, making it the 12th Shake Shack in New York City and placing it it spitting distance from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Luke’s Lobster and Grimaldi’s. It’s going to be a thing.

Now, before you DUMBO residents begin freaking out about another major chain coming in, there is some good news. This Shake Shack will blend in pretty perfectly with the neighborhood. It’ll be small, even quaint, compared to the other Shacks and feature a cute sidewalk cafe with four tables and eight seats, which we all know is perfect for those in the neighborhood wielding babies and dogs.

And if that still doesn’t assuage your fears, then maybe this will:

Image: Shake Shack Tumblr

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