Free Wi-Fi Coming To Rockaway Beach

Good news for one of the “people’s beaches” (i.e. beaches with easy and free-ish access): The city is bringing free wi-fi to Rockaway!

According to DNAinfo, at the same time new Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver was announcing that the post-Sandy reconstruction of the Rockaway Beach boardwalk won’t be completed until 2017, he saw fit to throw in a little treat called free internet.

Visitors that love to frequent the U.S.’s largest urban beach will be able to connect to the web at Beach 9th-12th, Beach 73rd, Beach 86th, Beach 97th, Beach 106th and Beach 116th streets. You’ll notice that most of these are popular, subway-adjacent spots.

There’s no word yet on when the wi-fi will be made available, but we can definitively say that between this news and reports that Mayor De Blasio sorely wants to turn all pay phones into wi-fi hotspots, we’re well on our way to being the most connected city on Earth, mobile data limits be damned.

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