Tech: Meet Spinlister, Or Airbnb For Bikes

Tech: Meet Spinlister, Or Airbnb For Bikes

As we’ve mentioned probably a thousand times this month, it’s National Bike Month. Ride one, look at someone ride one, and you’re pretty much participating!

If you want to actively participate, but don’t quite want to invest in bike yet, may we suggest Spinlister? It’s a new bike renting app that recently caught our eye and it’s kind of perfectly Brooklyn.

Spinlister describes itself as the Airbnb of bikes (minus the legal s**tstorm the real Airbnb is in embroiled in) and with their totally free app, Brooklynites (and folks in more than 100 other cities) can rent their bikes to non-bike owners (or people who don’t want to mess around with Citi Bike anymore).

We browsed out the site and found that Brooklyn alone is teeming with bikes for rent with many of them going for $15-$25 for the day and about $45-$60 for a week. (Note: Spinlister gets 17.5% of whatever you make.) There’s everything from twee road bikes named “Blue Ivy” to sturdy mountain bikes called “The Crimson Avenger.” We even saw some baby- and kid-friendly picks sprinkled throughout.

As a note: Those who are considering listing bikes, but don’t want to see their sweet ride stolen or destroyed can rest assured that Spinlister has you covered. They’ll shell out up to $5000 to listers who can no longer ride their bike following a rental and since most of you know you bought your ride on Craigslist for a song, that’s not that bad a deal.

For more details on the app, visit Spinlister online and maybe avoid Bedford Avenue if you do end up renting a bike. We wouldn’t want you (or the your bike landlord’s ride) to get hurt.

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