MetroCards Are Never, Ever, Ever Going Away

metrocards 4ever

Well, ok. MetroCards will go away someday. As will we all. That’s just how things go.

However, MetroCards will not be going away anytime soon, despite recent reports to the contrary. In fact, the New York Times reports, the MetroCard might just be around in 2020 and beyond. Which begs the question of whether or not the MetroCard will outlast the subway system in the coming era of rising sea waters amidst rapid climate change. I guess we’ll see!

But let’s just assume that everything’s going to be just fine when it comes to our fair city, ok? No need to be realists nihilists, right? Right. So, MetroCards! The public transportation payment device (which just turned 20!) was supposed to be phased out in favor of a system in which commuters could pay directly with their credit or debit cards—or even with their smartphones! Unfortunately, other cities with much smaller public transport systems, like Chicago and Philadelphia, that have tried to implement the bank card method have run into a lot of hiccups, which New York can’t really afford to have happen. So until these wrinkles are ironed out, we’re stuck with MetroCards for the time being. Which, fine. Whatever. As long as there aren’t any more fare hikes, you know?

Oh, what was that? “Michael DeVitto, the vice president and program executive for fare payment programs at New York City Transit, told board members the MetroCard system ‘will not simply fall apart’ once it reaches the end of its useful life,” but “will just get increasingly more difficult and expensive to maintain?” So not only are we stuck with an archaic system but it will be pricier and result in more of those “Swipe Again at This Turnstile” messages? Amazing. Thanks, MTA. You’re the best.

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