Police Raid Kensington Apartment, Find Enough Weapons for a “Small Army”

Guns and other assorted weapons found in an apartment in Kensington.
c/o NYPD

Today in holy crap, the New York Post reports that police raided an apartment in Kensington and found “an arsenal of guns, swords and ammo,” including “a 9 MM Highpoint Rifle with a defaced serial number, one 380 Cal loaded semi-automatic handgun, a 357 revolver, as well as a 38 caliber revolver… 50 rounds of 45 caliber ammunition, 50 rounds of 9MM ammunition, 67 rounds of 347 caliber ammunition, 50 rounds of 38 caliber ammunition, 17 rounds of 380 caliber ammunition, and a 45 caliber magazine… eight swords, one machete, [and] some nunchakus.” Oh, yeah. They also found eight Codeine tablets. 

The heavily armed apartment is located on Dahill Road in otherwise sleepy Kensington (which the Post misidentified as Bensonhurt… get it together, New York Post! or are you too busy coming up with sexist cover stories to pay attention to proper neighborhood identification?), and the NYPD arrested four people in connection with the crime. A police source told the Post, “It was enough to arm a small army or militia. These guys were ready for war.” Which is a troubling enough thing to think about no matter what, but is perhaps even more alarming when you consider that the apartment in question is located across the street from an elementary school. Moral? Never trust your neighbors. Or anyone. Ever.

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  1. Wow, those guys were running out of ammo. I feel bad. If I have anything less than 1k rounds of each caliber, I feel like less of a man.

  2. Minus the codeine that’s a pretty good small start for a collection by the vast majority of guys I know here in the Wild West. And they don’t hurt anyone with it and cops don’t bother about it.


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