City Council Casts Final Vote On The Domino Sugar Refinery Today

City Council Casts Final Vote On The Domino Sugar Refinery Today

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the fat lady singing.

Today, the City Council will cast the final vote on the redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Refinery.

Most expect that the Council will give their wholesale approval to the development, which after much back-and-forth, will include 538,000 square feet of affordable housing (up from the originally proposed 498,000 sq. ft.) in towers with as many as 55 floors. In the middle of the three proposed structures, Two Trees Management, the company behind the development, will construct a commercial building with 631,000 square feet of office space (up from 98,000 sq. ft.). Overall, the projects architect’s, SHoP, will pull the three buildings back from the water, creating a sizable waterfront park separated from the buildings by an extension of River Street. Affordable and market-rate tenants alike will have access to the same features.

Meanwhile, residents behind the new development will have a mostly uninterrupted view of the East River though they’ll be dealing with 10-15 years of construction.

With the Domino Sugar Refinery’s days officially numbered after today, we must encourage you all once again to go see the Kara Walker exhibit currently on view at the former sugar factory. It’s the best way we North Brooklynites can bid the site goodbye before it meets the wrecking ball.

A rendering of the Domino redevelopment. Image: Two Trees Management

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