Watch the Video of Solange Attacking Jay Z In an Elevator While Beyoncé Stood By and Watched

Starting something?
Starting something?
photo by iO Tillet Wright

Via TMZ,  we just watched what might be the most important video of all time today. In what appears to be security footage, the music industry’s royal couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé, boarded an elevator with one-time Brooklyn magazine cover subject and Queen Bey’s sister, Solange, following last week’s Met Gala. And that? That’s when things got crazy. (Aaahh!!! We have so many QUESTIONS!)

As you can see in the clip below, even before the elevator doors closed on the trio and what appears to be a bodyguard, Solange almost immediately physically attacked her brother-in-law, punching and kicking him even after she’d been dragged off him by the bodyguard. Jay resisted by keeping his arms out, and Beyoncé just stood there, doing nothing. So, that’s literally all we know right now, and so we can only speculate about the reasons behind the attack (not that there’s ever any reason to physically attack someone, but you know what we mean). Was there, at the very least, alcohol involved? Possibly! The Met Gala is not a bad place to party. Was Solange just trying to get Jay’s attention? Maybe! He seems like he’s not impressed by much. Really, though? We have no fucking clue what this was about but we really want to know. And not least because we spent some time with Solange last year, and she seemed pretty mellow? And not too excitable? All of which only goes to show, you can’t learn a damn thing about celebrities through a magazine profile. Even if you’re the one writing it. Lesson learned.

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