Whole Foods Gowanus In Hot Water With Locals Once Again

Image: Zagat

There’s no denying that the relationship between Whole Foods Gowanus and the people who live in the neighborhood has been a contentious one. Already, they’ve received two fines for failing to refurbish the crumbling façade of the 141-year-old Coignet Building and even before that, locals were saying they could do without the environmentally-friendly albeit Big Box supermarket.

Now, the Gowanus Whole Foods is in trouble yet again. The reason this time? Activity in the store’s loading dock regularly blocks the Third Avenue bike lane.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, the issue has been going on for quite sometime. In fact, one resident claims that the blockage occurs so frequently that he’s stopped walking on that side of the street altogether. Whole Foods, of course, assured the Paper that the claims are untrue.

“There is a lot of activity that goes on in the loading dock, but we work hard to make sure that bike lane is clear,” Whole Foods spokesman Michael Sinatra told the Paper.

Whatever the case may be, the entire situation is reaching a fever pitch and Whole Foods needs to figure out a way to better engage with their community before any one of the city’s unmerciful organizations gets involved.

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