The 9 Most Ridiculous Photos From Dior’s Brooklyn Navy Yard Show

The 9 Most Ridiculous Photos From Dior's Brooklyn Navy Yard Show
Image: W Magazine

Last month, we came across the surprising news that yet another big name fashion house had plans to put on a show in our very own Brooklyn Navy Yard. That big name was Dior and it was surprising because just a few months earlier the fashion world loudly bitched and moaned when Alexander Wang put on a show of his own in the Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse.

Dior promised that this time around, things would be better organized and that all fashionistas invited to the show would be coddled and made to feel as comfortable as possible. Well, they kept that promise on, oh, so many levels and the results were pretty entertaining. Here are nine unforgettable moments from the May 7 show as told through Instagram pics.

First, of course, there’s the transportation. As expected, Dior got a water taxi and the fashion house pasted DIOR in big ‘ol white letters across the side so we plebes would know this was a very exclusive water taxi. Oh, did we mention that they put silken covers over each seat in the taxi?

During the trip, people were already boozing it up in preparation for their inevitable arrival in Brooklyn.

Guests disembarked to find emotionally broken model waiters clad in light gray and white “navy” uniforms serving champagne.

Hello, sailor. #dior #cruise2015

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Eyes, they were a wanderin’.


Meanwhile, Rihanna was not having it. Even so, she was looking fresh to death.

#rhianna at the #dior #cruise15 show in NYC #brooklynnavyyard regram @lolatwirls @dior

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One more nugget of Rihanna gold. Plus, Marnie straight up forgetting her roots.


And finally, the most Instagrammed Instagram in the history of Instagram.

Fantastic details of the #diorlive fashion show in #brooklyn @dior #event@eventmanagment

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But on a serious and final note, the show looked really lovely and it’s nice to see Brooklyn getting love where there wasn’t much before. For a look at the full runway show, head to Refinery 29.

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