Brooklyn’s Best Karaoke Night, ‘Karaoke Killed the Cat,’ Is Ending

Brooklyn's Best Karaoke Night, 'Karaoke Killed the Cat,' Is Ending
Union Hall.

It’s a sad day for those of us who relish in lending our voices to Whitney Houston/Britney Spears/Blues Traveler throwbacks and dancing inside a sweaty bar basement: Union Hall’s Friday night party run by Chris Goldteeth and Lord Easy for the past five years, Karaoke Killed the Cat, is coming to an end on June 6.

What made it so special? Well, you know how most karaoke experiences involve either super tiny rooms where it’s you and three of your friends who’ve been hearing you sing “And I Am Telling You” for the last ten years and really don’t need to listen to it again, or they’re super expensive and completely monopolized by embittered ex–show choir performers? Karaoke Killed the Cat was different—the hosts were friendly as they danced and DJed in the background while you got to perform onstage for an actual crowd of people who looked like they wanted to be there.

The final Karaoke Killed the Cat will start an hour earlier at 11pm and is free to attend, of course. Pro tip: If you want to sing before 3am, be sure to put your name in the pot pronto, i.e. don’t spend fifteen minutes idly flipping through the songbook.

The press release didn’t contain solely sad news, however: A new karaoke night will take place in its stead starting the following Friday, June 13 run by the Kings of Karaoke, who promise to “take karaoke more seriously than Liam Neeson avenging his daughter.” We’ll take that.

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