A Brooklyn-Bound F Train Derailed This Morning

f train derailed

Every day brings another way in which the F train might be delayed. It’s sort of exciting, it really is. All winter, it seemed like the MTA gods were dreaming up new ways to torture us commuters, but the advent of spring and its lack of snow and extreme weather brought hope that those nightmares were over. But, no. Those MTA gods are sadistic beasts, and it seems like there’s no respite for our F train nightmares.

NBC New York reports that a Brooklyn-bound F train had an underground derailment in Queens at approximately 10:15 this morning, near the Broadway and 65th Street stop. Firefighters and police responded immediately and helped passengers “out of the tunnel through a sidewalk grate.” There were reports of heavy smoke in the area, but only minor injuries have been reported thus far. The MTA has not released details of the cause or the extent of the derailment yet, but delays are still to be expected on the F, B, D, and M lines, which will hopefully be cleared up by this evening’s commute, during which time we will be doing our very best to NOT think about potential derailments over the Culver viaduct, the highest elevated part of the subway system. Happy Friday, everyone!

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