Momofuku Milk Bar Announces New Summer Menu, And It Looks Freakin’ Amazing

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Legendary dessert mini-chain and creator of crack pie (named for its highly addictive properties, akin to actual crack cocaine), Momofuku Milk Bar announced their new summer menu this morning, and HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Each location even gets its own special soft-serve flavor, so Williamsburg residents: prepare yourselves for huckleberry cheesecake, while those of you in Carroll Gardens can get ready for Mandarin creamsicle.

Okay, so we may have recently written not one, not two, but three passionate pleas for sanity when it comes to dessert-related hype, but all this discussion about doughnut apps and ‘dessert speakeasies’ have mainly served to turn our annoyance into, well, a rather strong desire for this new thing called the “confetti cookie,” which is exactly what you’re imagining—Funfetti™ minus the branding.

Also available at Milk Bar starting today are the strawberry-lemon cake (pictured above), along with bite-sized truffle versions of the same, a grasshopper pie that mixes mint cheesecake with brownie filling, a graham cracker crust and marshmallows, and finally, a German chocolate Jimbo cake, which combines the signature crack pie filling with layers of chocolate, coconut and pecan (also with their own truffle versions).

Not a dessert person? (WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!) There’s also cornbread stuffed with jalapenos, cotija cheese, corn kernel, cilantro and scallion crema, plus a bread pastry where a soft-boiled egg, cheddar and Sriracha cream cheese are baked into it.

See the full menu here.

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