Brooklyn Nets Tweet How Much Own Fans Suck

Brooklyn Nets Tweet How Much Own Fans Suck
Ever heard of ’em?

Are you a fan of the only NBA team that loves you so much that isn’t just city-specific, it’s borough-specific? You know, the team that plays at the stadium probably not too far from your apartment? The team that’s currently embroiled in a pretty riveting playoff series with the Toronto Raptors? Well, you might be the only one, because last night, the Nets called you out for sucking.

During yesterday’s Game 5 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, the official Brooklyn Nets Twitter account broadcasted the following passive-aggressive jab at Nets fans:

Ouch. It’s not our fault that Toronto has, without question, one of the most awesome fan bases in the universe (okay, except for this guy), and that the decision to move the Nets from New Jersey to Brooklyn had nothing to do with our love of professional basketball (we already had the Knicks!) and was, like all changes to Brooklyn culture, made by a bunch of real estate developers.

But as Sports Illustrated points out: “For the first, only, and last time in history, Brooklynites — a group that will tell anyone within 50 feet they’re from/living in Brooklyn every other hour (and no Brooklynite has ever had a social media profile without the word “Brooklyn” in it) — are telling each other to be more like Canadians.”

Hey, perhaps we Brooklynites are simply choosing social media to show our pride over actual, IRL cheering. Plus, has Twitter even made it up to Canada yet? BOOM. Brooklyn: 1, Toronto: 0.

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  1. These new Nets, ever since the team moved to Brooklyn, fans are a bunch of hipster sissy or snobby writers, riches, and celebrities. The only time they are noisy is during brunch. Regardless, they are still true fans and wear and make noise within themselves.
    The Toronto fans? All one hear is D-Fence and Let’s Go Raptors chants, which the latter originated with Let’s Go Yankees. College teams have a better team spirit. Raptor fans are more like just going through the motion. Raptor fans think that making a three-pointer is hat trick. Borrrrrring. Thundersticks? We the North? WTF? Canada is North of the Wall where the White Walkers and wildlings reside.


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