Got A Complaint About An Unsafe Intersection? The City Wants To Hear It

Got A Complaint About An Unsafe Intersection? The City Wants To Know

It may be early in the De Blasio administration (it’s only been 120 days since the mayor was sworn in), but already we have an idea of what issues will define it. To name a few: the crackdown on subway dancers/panhandlers/peddlers, the fight for affordable housing and, of course, Vision Zero. Making the city’s streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike is a major concern for our new mayor.

As part of that continued effort, the Mayor’s office has put together a great interactive map featuring unsafe intersections throughout the city. The kicker? They’re allowing we, the people, to add problem intersections along with commentary.

The site is pretty easy to use. All users have to do is click “Share An Issue” and fill out a simple form. Users can choose a number of major issues including “Not Enough Time To Cross,” “Long Wait To Cross,” “Red Light Running,” “Long Distance To Cross,” “Speeding” and “Cyclist Behavior” among others. From there, users are allowed to add a more detailed description of the problem and share their email address and name. Once users click “Put On Map,” it’s added to the growing list of complaints about the city’s streets.

Already the number of dots on the map is reaching critical mass and it seems to be dominated by yellow dots for “Failure To Yield” and purple dots for “Speeding.”

To add your own complaint or see what everyone else is on about, visit the Vision Zero Hero map for more details.

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