Just In Time For The End of Passover: Bread Is Having a Moment

Not a good day to go gluten-free.

To some of us, bread has always been a pretty big deal, a loving, lifelong relationship that, now that we think about it, is probably the most meaningful one we’ve ever had. But it looks like the wider world of New York cuisine wants to get in on that, too, because bread is back in a big way. Is it the new cupcake? Please, someone say it is the new cupcake.

The Awl points out three food-related trend stories in city papers all published early this morning or last night, and shockingly, none of them involve hybrid desserts or rat videos. Nay, it’s all about bread right now, at least until the end of this sent—oh, wait, nope, we’re back to doughnuts.

What’s more, all three stories were about different kinds of bread: The New York Times explores the resurgence in artisanal bread-baking using sentences such as “As with faith, love and poetry, it’s the mystery that imbues great bread with power over those who bake it or eat it,” while the New York Daily News has the scoop on this new thing called toast (“To-ast?”), which is apparently an okay word to use again, and that maybe there will come a day when “crostini” never appears on a menu. The New York Post has the most exciting news of all, though, which is that classic New York–style bagels (the kind you get at the Bagel Hole in Park Slope) are becoming more widespread among city bakers, who are ditching the “puffy, super-sized iterations” made from machines.

We know what you’re wondering: Which publication’s bread-related pun was the lamest? In third place, the New York Daily News for “toasts of the town,” because that’s at least sort of cute. In second, the New York Times for “against the grain,” because it’s clearly the first thing that came to the writer who was probably annoyed that he had to write 500 words on fancy bread anyway. But by far, the lamest of all was the New York Post, who didn’t even attempt to come up with a bagel pun, let alone a decent one. Come on, you’re the Post! You’re the paper that gave us “Headless Body In Topless Bar” and “Weiner’s Rise And Fall” and you can’t throw a single “holey” in the headline? Thanks for muffin.

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