Five Leaves’ Williamsburg Cafe Is Open For Business

Five Leaves Crate is Open in Williamsburg

More good news for Rough Trade now that they’ve been able to start hosting shows again post-noise complaints: their long-anticipated in-house branch of Five Leaves is officially open for business, according to Greenpointers. The small cafe, dubbed Five Leaves Crate (get it, on account of it being in a record store?), is open from 11am to 9pm daily, and more pertinently, seems to have expanded on its home base’s menu to include savory pies.

“Inspired by Five Leaves’ antipodean heritage, [pies] include fillings such as Beef and Ale with Pickle and Cheddar and Potato Spinach Masala,” writes Greenpointers. Not that the Five Leaves menu needed much in the way of tweaking, but we can see why a full-on steak wouldn’t necessarily hit the spot in the middle of record shopping, and as vocal savory pie advocates, this is a hugely exciting development. A more extensive brunch menu is also reportedly in the works for Crate, so we suppose, if you want to live out the rest of your days without ever leaving Rough Trade, the option will soon be available to you.

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