Yet Another Reason To Love Living In Brooklyn: Half of Manhattan Is 4 Blocks from A Starbucks

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While Best In Show’s Meg and Hamilton Swan actually lived in Chicago, the story of how the two met—eyeing each other from two separate Starbuckses across the street—appears a lot more likely to happen in Manhattan. Or so this fun little chart suggests, revealing that half of the borough is less than .1 (or four blocks) away from the closest Starbucks. You know, in case you needed another reason to thank your lucky stars you live in Brooklyn on this chilly spring “spring” morning.

Ben Wellington of the data blog I Quant NY took on the challenge of mapping every one of Manhattan’s Starbuckses, then calculated their distance between every lot and building on the isle. The results? Half of Manhattan is within four blocks of the Seattle chain and 20% are close enough to get high on chemical clouds of pumpkin spice (two blocks).

And while he starred the spot farthest away from a Starbucks (73 Payson Ave, Inwood), turns out the suits were already on top of it, and opened one two blocks away in January. As of now, the farthest location on the island of Manhattan from a Starbucks is 140 Baruch Place on the L.E.S.—for now. There is no escape.

For the rest of the Swan’s early-00’s yuppie meet-cute, see below:

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