More NYC Women Are Requesting Eyebrow Transplants

Blame Cara. Or maybe caterpillars.

Now that beard transplants are a thing (wait, no, beards are over!), ladies are starting to get in on the facial hair fun, too. Well, at least according to this one NYC hair restoration specialist.

Dr. Robert Dorin, who we’re choosing to imagine looks just like Dr. Zizmor except with a spectacular head of hair, tells Harper’s Bazaar about the “significant increase” in the number of women requesting Cara-esque caterpillar brows. Here, he explains how the process works (note the double usage of “artistic”):

Eyebrow transplants are a technically-demanding procedure that involves careful planning. The eyebrow position must be artistically designed and then filled in with single and double hair grafts. The grafts must be meticulously placed at specific angles and directions of growth in order to mimic the natural eyebrow.

Eyebrow restoration is a highly artistic procedure in which a brow is individually designed based on the facial type, features, and results personally desired.

We’ll keep you updated on further facial hair–related trends, which may or may not include “artistically designed” nostril hair and/or cat whiskers.

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