Dior Is Bringing A Fashion Show To The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Dior Is Bringing A Fashion Show To The Brooklyn Navy Yard
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When Alexander Wang announced that he’d be holding his see-and-be-seen Fall 2014 show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse this year, the fashion world was shocked. While hosting shows outside Lincoln Center wasn’t unheard of, hosting shows in Brooklyn certainly was. Accordingly, there was a lot of bellyaching involved.

Now, Racked is reporting that despite said bellyaching, Dior is following suit and will host their Cruise 2015 show in the same space on May 7.

We can hear Anna Wintour gagging already.

The major difference between Dior’s show and Wang’s is that Dior has the benefit of hindsight. This time around there will be no scrambling to figure out transportation because the French company already has a solid plan in place: A ferry will shuttle all attendees across the East River from a dock at 34th Street and FDR and clear directions will be included with all invitations.

Still, there’s nothing fashionable about a ferry, so good luck getting out of this one unscathed, Dior.

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