Ramps! Asparagus! Fiddlehead Ferns!: Brooklyn’s 8 Best Spring Dishes

best spring dishes

The prevalence of fish sauced kale salads and honey glazed brussels sprouts has been working our last nerve for months now, as have all manner of tubers that have ridden out the winter in cold storage, like sweet potatoes, rutabagas and sunchokes. So over it. Our very constitution cries out for anything fresh from the ground, verdantly green, and highly perishable. Ramps? You better believe it. Asparagus and artichokes? Yes please. Fiddlehead ferns? Granted, they look like some tightly coiled alien species, but bring it on. Here are a few of the fleetingly seasonal restaurant dishes that are helping us happily catapult into spring!

All photos by Austin McAllister



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