CB1 “Fights The Good Fight,” Denies Bike Rack Requests In Favor Of Cars

cb1 denies bike rack requests
Bike racks would combat chaotic metal hellscapes like this one. Image: Transalt

Last week, we made the case that cars have only ruined the great borough of Brooklyn, but not everyone agrees, especially not Brooklyn’s Community Board 1.

Last week, in an apparent stand against the “War On Cars,” Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s CB1 denied four requests from local businesses to install bike corrals in front of their stores. The reason? The bike corrals would replace valuable parking spaces.

The requests came from Tutu’s (Bogart St.), Bike Smith II (Grand St.), Summers Juice and Coffee (S. 4th St.) and Crossfit Virtuosity (Bayard St.). Tutu’s owner Jason Merritt told the Brooklyn Paper that he believed bike corrals would “beautify the area” by setting aside a nice space for bike parking. CB1 board member Simon “The Great Car Defender” Weiser, who was one of 12 members to vote against, said sidewalk racks should do just fine.

Still, Mr. Weiser’s opinion may not matter because CB1’s rejection is merely advisory. If the city thinks it’s a good idea, all four businesses may get their bike racks in the end.

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