Watch: “Tough” New Yorkers Scream As Rat Runs Around In An ‘A’ Train

video of rat inside subway car
Photo: New York Daily News

It’s been a pretty big week for rodents! Between shutting down a Dunkin’ Donuts and Dominique Ansel, they’re making sure we never forget that they’re everywhere.

Still, nothing will ever make living alongside New York City’s most populous mammals acceptable and that was unequivocally proven this morning when a group of commuters on a Brooklyn-bound A train were terrorized by a subway rat on his way to what we can only assume was his subway rat job. After all, it’s not easy feeding 328,479 kids.

An amazing individual captured the whole thing on film:

You may be wondering, why didn’t the doors open once during that video? Well, said train was making its way from Manhattan’s Fulton Street (where the rat boarded) to Brooklyn’s High Street–and in an East River tunnel, no one can hear you scream.

But before you consider walking home, the videographer assured Gothamist that our little friend expertly disembarked at High Street and made it to work on time.

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