Urban Outfitters Concept Store Space Ninety 8 Opens On Friday

Urban outfitters concept store opens Friday

We know it seems like we (and everyone else) have been talking about/hyping this thing forever, but we will hype no more because Space Ninety 8, Urban Outfitters’ concept store, is finally opening its doors to the public.

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After struggling to get a liquor license and cobbling together five floors of food, drinks, clothing and accessories, the Williamsburg store announced its grand opening, which will take place on Friday, April 4.

The news came via Instagram (as news increasingly does these days):

Let the countdown begin! 

If you take the time to browse the rest of Space Ninety 8's Instagram, you'll find that it seems pretty cool. Feel free to visit the store at 98 N. 6th Street and put that theory to the test.

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