Tractor-Trailer Overturned On the BQE This Morning and It Was a MESS

truck overturned on the BQE
c/o @TheFrimer

So, this happened.

Via WABC News, a tractor-trailer overturned on the northbound side of the BQE near Atlantic Avenue at 4:30am this morning. This part of the BQE features stacked roadways, with the northbound side elevated directly above the southbound lanes. Following the crash, the cab of the tractor-trailer was actually hanging over the guardrail, suspended above the southbound lanes. WABC News reports, “tow trucks arrived on the scene and dragged the truck entirely back onto the northbound section, but the roof broke open and spilled the contents onto the roadway.”

The truck was removed by 6:30am and the roadway was officially reopened by 8am, but as I walked my dog over the 11th Avenue overpass in Windsor Terrace at around 8:30 this morning, I saw bumper-to-bumper traffic extending down Ocean Parkway as far as the eye could see. Which, pretty far!

All of which is to say, that no. Real New Yorkers do not necessarily own cars. Because there are enough things to worry about without having to deal with crazy morning traffic jams.



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