The “Yelp for Weed” Is Now Running Ads in New York

Get it? (Screenshot via NYDN).
Get it? (Screenshot via NYDN).

Another important step in our long march towards a future in which we can happily buy pot at the bodega: Weedmaps, the so-called “Yelp for pot” is setting its sights on New York legalization, and recently bought major ad space in Times Square, according to the Daily News.

The company’s CEO explained the logic behind placing an ad in a market their company obviously can’t serve, saying, “”Many New Yorkers who make the city great can potentially be taken to jail for this,” Weedmaps CEO Justin Hartfield told the Daily News. “There’s a call of action on the ad. It’s a way to kind of say to New Yorkers that it’s time to legalize.”

Weedmaps policy advisor Aaron Houston also noted, “Our company strongly believes that marijuana prohibition ruins the lives of countless New Yorkers every year. So many people support marijuana legalization. We’re trying to do it in a really professional, highbrow manner. It’s not just stoners. It’s professional people, too. This is about liberty.”

Realistically, legalized weed coming to New Jersey (it might!) would do a lot more for New York’s legalization than any one company’s ad campaign, but then, every little bit helps. If this turned into a city-wide ad blitz, we wouldn’t be mad.

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