Because The Internet: Meet Google Naps

google naps
Photo: Ben Garrison

Disclaimer: Not an April Fools’ Day joke!

Ever the innovators, two Dutch men have created a wonderful parody of Google Maps that may be slightly more useful than the original site. It’s called Google Naps and it allows generous individuals to share their favorite places for napping.

As with the NYC Crying Map (another entry into the Because The Internet annals), Manhattan has a lot more suggestions than Brooklyn at the moment, but we have a few under our belts. One suggestion is a bench on the Brooklyn College campus. Then there’s a field in Fort Greene Park. As for North Brooklyn, the suggestions are unsurprisingly Transmitter Park and McCarren Park.

Given the primo napping weather coming our way, it’s probably worth it to add to this thing before Google shuts it down. Or maybe they won’t. After all, they did just turn smartphones into real life Pokedexes.

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