Roberta’s Might Get an Outpost in the Rockaways

Photo by Rory Gunderson
Photo by Rory Gunderson

It’s not a huge surprise given the wild popularity of Roberta’s-owned Rippers at Beach 86th, but per DNAinfo, looks like the restaurant’s owners are looking to open something more substantial on Rockaway beach, and have reportedly signed a lease at Beach 96th St., right across the street from Rockaway Taco.

An announcement is expected soon (for now, the owners have declined to comment), and the building’s owner kept it vague, saying, “I’m not saying yes, I’m not saying no. I hope something good comes to my space.”

One source told the site that whatever Roberta’s is working on could be open as early as the summer, but another disputed that time frame. In any case, we doubt we’ll hear too many complaints about more good food by the beach, or anything that’ll shorten the lines at Rockaway Taco.

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