Williamsburg’s Hotel Boom: Still Booming

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Brooklyn’s sudden influx of hotels has been going on for a while all over the borough, but surprise surprise, Williamsburg’s the epicenter. The going wisdom is that the success of the Wythe Hotel and King and Grove has emboldened developers to move into the area (they both opened in 2012), though one wonders if anyone really thought this wasn’t gonna be a lucrative thing to do, putting up hotels in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. In any case, Curbed has put together a handy map of all the neighborhood’s current and future hotels, and it also has some good information about what all’s coming in.

The hotel coming to Driggs and North 4th is apparently slated to be a “five-story Pod Hotel,” the one going in on Metropolitan will be a “14-story hotel with spaces for restaurants/bars and retail and condo units on top for 500 Metropolitan Place,” and there are actually two hotels going in on the same block as the Wythe (weird, but ok). As for the huge hotel project adjacent to the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank, the funding is still somewhat up in the air, but things seem to be moving forward in some form or another. So, looks like Airbnb should enjoy its dominance while it still can. And we should enjoy the neighborhood while it’s still a peaceful, undiscovered hamlet for artists, musicians, and local factory workers (hahahaha).

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