The MTA Is Adding More Trains To The L Line This Summer

The MTA Is Adding More Trains To The L Line This Summer
Image: New York Post

When we’re not scratching our heads over the ridiculousness the Times sometimes puts out into the world, they can be a pretty great source of useful news.

Yesterday, New York City’s paper of record shared the news that Brooklyn’s very own L train (it mostly belongs to us!) is getting a few upgrades in response to its growing popularity as the train of choice for Northern Brooklynites everywhere.

Over the past few years, the MTA has added rush hour service, countdown clocks and as of last week, the L train is the cleanest line our fair city has to offer. And now we know that starting in June, even more trains will be added to the line in order to accommodate the 50 percent spike in ridership the subway line has seen since 2007.

Let’s try to keep this good news in mind when the line stops running into Manhattan or skips the stations between Bedford and Myrtle/Wykoff as it is wont to do from time to time. Positive thoughts, everyone.

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