The Craziest House in Brooklyn Is Now For Sale

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A mansion just isn’t a mansion without an outlandish backstory, and this beast of a house at 1672 42nd St. in Borough Park more than delivers. Yesterday, the Daily News reported that the place is officially up for auction after a solid decade of turmoil and shady legal battles. In other words, all this good juju could be yours!

The four-story home is technically owned by 83-year-old Sara Goldberger but is really the pet project of her son, Mayer Goldberger, who’s currently on work release after being jailed in 2011 on charges of grand larceny (he’d been committing mortgage fraud and also forged the signature of a dead attorney, among other things). Neighbors have apparently been making complaints about the perpetually unfinished building since 2004 (they’ve filed about 50), and the Department of Buildings halted construction at one point in 2008. Among other problems, the buildings permits don’t actually allow for a fourth floor (heh, too late!).

Currently, Goldberger owes various lenders about $2.8 million, and unsuccessfully fought foreclosure proceedings. The 10,000 square foot building has an estimated value of $1.8 million and goes to auction today, though one neighbor noted, “To finish it is probably another $1.8 million. It’s got to be somebody with deep pockets.” A fixer-upper in the truest sense of the word.

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