Tech: The Time I Signed Up for a Website That Would Track My Sex Life

new app lets you track your sex life
Image: Nipple

How many of you are actually keeping very detailed notes on the in-and-outs (ba-dum-chh!) of your sex life? It sounds like something only Girls’ Shoshannah would do, but a new app hopes to get everyone, regardless of gender, background, race or age, involved in the art of recording their sexual experiences.  Nipple is a sex-positive mobile app and website, which we came across on Policy Mic, that allows users to keep detailed notes on their sexual conquests in order to brag gain a better understanding of not only their own sexual history, but what their various partners liked as well. I  joined the site–for journalism!–to give you all a first hand account of what using it entails. To start, Nipple users can join the website using their email address or Facebook account and subsequently use the app in private, diary-like mode or ballsy public mode if you’re looking to share. From there, you can begin adding sexual encounters, though it appears that the oldest sexual experience you can add is yesterday’s. In other words, the site has no way (yet) of allowing users to analyze the loss of their virginity or the hookup they had four months ago. Next, you answer a series of fairly straightforward, demographic questions. (1) Today, I had sex, masturbation, petting, oral sex or kissing (2) With a man, woman or transgender individual (3) named John Doe. (4) Their race was this-or-that and their (5) characteristics were this-or-that. (6) They were from this country (for the international men and women of intrigue among us). From there, users are invited to get into the nitty-gritty of the sexual encounter, describing positions used, instruments used (i.e. alcohol, latex, Viagra), how long the encounter last, how many orgasms they had, whether protection was used, where the experience took place and, finally, the most important question–whether they enjoyed it or not. Easy enough, right? Over time, Nipple starts graphing your experiences, creating “fancy data, diagrams & tables” to show users “how [their] performances evolve.” And we wouldn’t be surprised if that fancy data eventually became a semi-reliable method (it is self-reported after all) for learning about what kinds of sex people are having and what positions or instruments are popular in which cities, especially our own undeniably freaky city. For now, Nipple is in beta mode and the app isn’t live, but the website is so if you’re interested in learning more about your sex-su-al self, sign up. Follow Nikita Richardson on Twitter @nikitarbk


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