Tickets For Speeding, Failure To Yield Up 150% In Parts Of Brooklyn

Tickets For Speeding, Failure To Yield Up More Than 150% In Parts Of Brooklyn

Yes, pedestrian deaths are at an all-time high and city policy hasn’t caught up with the demand for safer streets, but a new  interactive graph shows us that the NYPD is working overtime to address the problem and get drivers to slow down.

Today, WNYC put together this very helpful graph detailing what precincts (and thus neighborhoods) have seen significant increases in ticketing in the last year. In most Brooklyn neighborhoods, there’s been a 30-150% spike in tickets for speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians and failure to stop at traffic signals.

150% ticketing spikes have occurred in Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, Gowanus, Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. Meanwhile, Williamsburg, Fort Greene and Park Slope are seeing increase in the 30% range. Bushwick, Gravesend, Borough Park and other South Brooklyn neighborhoods have seen little to no significant change in the last year.

Brooklyn was the only borough where ticketing remained the same or increased in every neighborhood, which should tell you that this situation has clearly gotten out of hand.

Here’s hoping policy catches up soon.

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