Kitchen/Garden Pop-Up Shop Coming To Cobble Hill This Weekend

Kitchen/Garden Pop-Up Shop Coming To Court Street This Weekend
Image: Alexis Walter

We know the idea of anything growing or being non-soup-related is hard to imagine in this, the 84th day of winter, but really spring is a mere five days away and it’s time to start preparing.

For the next three weekends, online purveyor Potager will host a brick-and-mortar pop-up shop at Vespa Projects (262 Court St. at Butler Street) in Cobble Hill.

Patrons are invited to choose from a semi-pricey, but well-curated, selection of high-quality housewares (i.e. dutch ovens, bakeware, mortar-and-pestles) and garden tools (i.e. trowels, shovels, gardening gloves). The whole thing seems to be a testament to just how wonderful life will be once things warm up.

Potager will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday from March 15 (tomorrow) through March 30.

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