Gigantic Brooklyn Athletic Club Will Open In July

Gigantic Brooklyn Athletic Club Will Open In July
Image via Bedford + Bowery

If you’re a North Brooklyn resident who is concerned with your health and willing to pay someone to let you come to their health dome and workout, then you’re in luck. The truly massive Brooklyn Athletic Club is opening in a mere three months.

According to Bedford + Bowery, the new gym will sit right on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border at 8 Berry St. (a 3-minute walk from Spritzenhaus, no less) and boast an impressive 17,000 square feet of space for locals to sweat out last night’s binge drinking escapade. The four-story building will offer “a full gym, yoga and pilates classes, and triathlon and strong man training rooms” as well as a childcare facility, two endless pools, 100 feet of indoor turf and a roof deck.

Owner Larry Betz told B+B, that the Brooklyn Athletic Club will offer less rigid programs as an alternative to the ass-kicking boot camps that are currently de rigueur. On top of that, the gym will offer bi-weekly, ten-member group training classes that will only set you back $185/month, which isn’t bad at all. Not at all.

The whole set up sounds pretty amazing and we’ll be sure to notify when it gets an official opening date. Until then, may all your runs be dog poop-free.

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