The 10 Best Burgers in Brooklyn

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We’re not afraid of making bold statements about the best things in Brooklyn, not when it comes to the things we feel really strongly about. We’ve covered everything from the best sandwiches to the best slices of pizza (that aren’t from di Fara), and now we’re tackling the borough’s best burgers. Why burgers? Well, while the hamburger might not be a New York icon like pizza (or imply the myriad combination possibilities of a sandwich), it’s still the kind of dish that can shine whether prepared in a classic style or adorned with whatever ingredient is currently on trend (chipotle-pancetta burger, anyone?). The following ten restaurants are home to our favorite burgers of the moment. Some of them are examples of a kind of platonic ideal of the hamburger, while others feature innovations that elevate this humble dish to new heights. All of them are, frankly, delicious. And, really, isn’t that what it’s all about? Yes. Yes, it is.

Photos by Austin McAllister


  1. Ah you’re actually missing the #1 burger which is Juniper (i prefer their truffle burger) – it comes out perfect every time with your choice of fries (also some of the best fries around) and blows Reynard et al out of the water… Personally not a fan of Five Leaves burger but I do see the appea if you’re into all sorts of weird stuff on there. Reynard was not impressive,. Thanks and again if you want an amazing burger go to Juniper . peace


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